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  2. Aretha Franklin arrives in Heaven and starts singing. "R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me!" "To you." Replied Barry Chuckle.
  3. That's because in order to pass slower vehicles, you are supposed to indicate before you pull out! Nobody will know you wish to pass if you don't use your indicators!
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  5. In England, some stretches of our motorway network are 6 lanes wide, we also have some stretches where there are no hard shoulders (as in thrush's picture) instead it is all lane running smart motorway.
  6. This is how our motorway looks (we have 3 lanes although it can be 2,3 or 4 lanes sometimes) and this is a pic of the stretch I patrol: Where our police X5 is parked, that is the hard shoulder which you can't be driving/stopped on without good reason.
  7. We have two types of what you call motorways. The oldest one have two lanes in each directions with a grass filled ditch between them. There are places where the plow trucks and other utility vehicles can turn around between the two sides of the motorway. The police can use them as well. Civilians can use them in an emergency. The police will check the car if they see a car in these sections and if the car has a valid problem the owner or the driver will not face any legal issues. The motorways with two lanes have the hard shoulder as well, but we aren't allowed to drive on them. The other type of motorways have two normal lanes in each direction and a third lane that shift from side to side. I hate those, this type causes high speed overtakes when you can before it shift side again. The oldest type The newer version and the third line will shift side after awhile
  8. Most Audi's are driven by ex-BMW drivers..... The off limit places you speak of sound like our "hard shoulders". It's a lane that you can't drive on and can only stop on it during emergencies (vehicle breakdowns etc) and it's used by the police when they stop motorists. If you get caught driving on the hard shoulder then the police will ticket you (fine and points on licence).
  9. I don't know what cars they were driving. To be serious, I think Audi drivers are worse than BMW drivers. I take the speed limits around road constructions very seriously. The speed limit is there for a reason. The safety of the workers. The same when the tow trucks are out to deal with broken cars. The off limit places are used by the civilians when they get a flat tire or something like that and they don't face any legal issues because of it. It's safer to use them than staying on the roads. But you cannot use them for your convenience when you get pissed about a slow moving traffic.
  10. How many were BMW drivers? Hey Hogg, do you feel like a cunt now?
  11. A combination of speeding and behaving like assholes
  12. Possibly but it's not clear from the post.
  13. Didn't you read his post - for using the lane reserved for snowploughs. probably our equivalent of emergency cut throughs/short cuts on the motorway.
  14. Won the lottery have you..... What were the licences confiscated for? Speeding?
  15. Yes, I buy me a LaFerrari instead. We have a quite big road construction close to where I live. A two lane highway is reduced to one lane and why do people have a huge problem to adjust the speed and slowly pass it? People are trying to overtake in the ditch and turning around at sections for the snowplowing trucks. Our highways have a lot of those, but civilians aren't allowed to use them. They are only for the EM and snowplowing during the winter. Your Swedish colleagues were there earlier this summer and confiscated 30 driver's licenses
  16. You're too old for a BMW now. Yeah, especially when they are overtaking with a 0.001mph speed differential and take 3 years to complete the overtake. Cunts.
  17. No, I would never touch a BMW again I really hate when semi trucks are overtaking each other and blocking both lanes
  18. You've got a BMW now then?
  19. Everything that moves slower than me
  20. You hate pikeys as well?
  21. I get mixed emotions if the terrorists attack caravans (campers)
  22. Last week
  23. Is she? I thought she was back with the guy
  24. He's on a self imposed sabbatical.
  25. Hmm... what HAS happend to Lost Soul?? Does he know that Mad granny is single again??
  26. Suspected Islamist terrorist runs over three cyclists in London. I've got mixed emotions about who I should be siding with!
  27. Terrible news about the Westminster terror attack....... 15 cyclists available and he only decked 3!
  28. Potentially yes. Although it would only take 10 seconds or so to jump in and swing the car around to give chase. But from that position, we can target vehicles in either direction.
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