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  2. There were 165 plow trucks out in the whole of Scotland the other night. On my patch, there were 40 in total and about 5 in the area of that photo. It wasn't cleared due to the sheer volume of snow falling. No sooner was it cleared, another couple of inches feel within half and hour.
  3. Wolfgang was a one man legend.
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  5. Is/was Wolfgang a company or just one guy in Hohne providing with this service?
  6. Why should Scotland or any other parts of the UK build resources comparable with what Norway, Sweden, and Finland are forced to have. Even we are facing situations when everything is in a stand still because of the amount of snow. How many plow trucks do you have in your area? How many can drive them?
  7. Agreed, with parachuting you're actually doing something and it takes a bit of skill. Plus it isn't over in a few minutes like bungee jumping!
  8. Nor me... I liked parachuting because of the views and the flight. I cant see bungy jumping offering the same views! The most scary part was taxying along the runway at Cark in order to drive the sheep off so we could take off when we turned around and went the other way!
  9. I have a roll of that in the boot of my car, along with zip ties, latex gloves and a 3 litre bottle of water... all part of the essential roadside repair kit! But I never used it to repair a silencer... I use a spiral of stainless steel strip and Holts GumGum!
  10. Wolfie was a better sight than the famous busload of nurses!
  11. Geniuses. I'll just leave this here as an indication as to how bad it was.... (That is the 3 lane A74(M) looking the worst I've ever seen it!)
  12. No, it's never really appealed to me.
  13. Wash your mouth out! Wolfgang provided a far more important service on exercise - hot food!
  14. A brothel on wheels?
  15. On my way home tonight I was attacked by group of mime artists. They did unspeakable things to me!
  16. Paddy shouts frantically into the phone "My wife is pregnant and her contractions are only two minutes apart!" "Is this her first child?" asks the Doctor. "No", shouts Paddy, "this is her husband!"
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  18. Worlds best all terrain vehicle!
  19. A blast from the past for the ex BAOR lads.
  20. Achtung Spitfuer...nein Wolfie, its eine 432 mit cymbeline radar!
  21. Wolfgang walt!
  22. Bungy Jumping Any one had a go ? How high did you jump from? What was it like first time? Gra
  23. There are some buffoons on Facebook saying the Police Scotland should fine the highways authority for not keeping the roads clear of snow. Fuckwits
  24. A great and cheap silencer
  25. Shhhh!
  26. They rarely have a choice in the matter!
  27. You still have them in your basement?
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