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  2. I admitted to my wife that I was a fan of Beyoncé. She took it well, and sneered 'Whatever floats your boat' I said 'no that's buoyancy'.
  3. The Marines do the amphibious stuff. You wouldn't understand.
  4. For what? Similar as the RAF needs the RAF Regiment?
  5. Wrong. The Navy needs the Marines, not the other way round.
  6. Last week
  7. I think I married her!!!
  8. Sadly not Still cant look at a Mars bar without getting a Still there is only so much mental health issues you can put up with
  9. Still got her number?
  10. Sounds like a girl I used to know
  11. I leave the motor to decide what to do. It auto dips the lights for me, switches them on/off itself, automatically self-levels the beam and adjusts the brightness of the light automatically.
  12. Luminescence isn't everything! It's what you do with it that counts
  13. That awkward moment when some knob driving towards you at night puts his headlights on full beam because he thinks you have yours on full beam, only for you to switch yours to full beam and they then dip their headlights and flash their hazard lights as an apology. They came off worst as my bi-xenons lights are 10 times brighter than their halogen lights.
  14. What the Marines really means My Ass Really Is Navy Equipment Sir
  15. I still wouldn't say no to a fit 20 something leggy Yank chick even if she's as thick as pig shit.
  16. You can ask Yanks very basic questions about geography, history, political stuff and you will be shocked. Ask one why they celebrate the 4th of July, how many senators they have, how many states there are in the US and get a real shock, get them to point out them on a map.
  17. I guess the education system is very bad.
  18. Many of them fail their own citizen tests so they don't know much about their own country either.
  19. The problem with most Yanks is that they never leave the USA. They don't visit other countries or have any real understanding of anything outside of the US.
  20. The richest third world country in the world. They are so funny, but the ladies are fuckable
  21. Yanks are fucking stupid in the majority of cases. We used to have such fun with the Yank military, laughing at their expense because they were too stupid to realise we were laughing at them. It has reminded me just how fit Yank chicks are though!
  22. I view this as a proof of the failed school, or they are fucking stupid, but it is funny and there are many more vids like this one
  23. Earlier
  24. We have remote weather monitoring stations dotted along the motorway. The operator came over the air, "control to patrol 2, wind speed is registering at 68mph in your area, what are the conditions like?" There was a short pause and the patrol answered, "windy!"
  25. A parachutists halted a football match when he landed on the centre circle. The ref booked him for....... descent.
  26. My Grandad is a bit senile and he keeps knocking on his own front door. Then he goes round the back and into the house to answer it. I don't think he realises what he's letting himself in for....
  27. The mrs said I needed to get more in touch with my feminine side. So I crashed the car, burnt the dinner and completely ignored her all night for no apparent reason.
  28. I was awake most of last night trying to remember if I have insomnia or amnesia....
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